Mindfulness Exercises

Anytime, Anywhere 

Tips for Informal Mindfulness Practice:

 Awareness of the present is something we can incorporate into our daily chores and habits, such as driving, dish washing, and eating. The link above, developed by Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap, offers simple tips for incorporating mindful presence into your daily life. 


Guided Meditations for Teens (and Adults, too)

Practicing meditation can seem daunting at first, for adolescents and adults alike. Mindfulnessforteens.com offers a variety of free guided meditations that range from 5 to 30 minutes long. They offer a great introduction to meditation-- one that is also a helpful anchor for continuing practice. 

Guided Meditations for Adults (and Teens, too)

These guided meditations are shared on the website Oneminddharma.com, which offers a variety of resources for meditation in the Buddhist Tradition. 

Goal Setting 

What are my Values?

Clarifying and identifying our unique values helps us to effectively set goals which are in-sync with what is most important in our lives. This questionnaire, developed by Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap, offers prompts to stimulate a personal discovery of the values which motivate our lives. 

Setting short, medium and long-term goals: 

This worksheet, also developed by Russ Harris, outlines helpful steps for generating concrete goals in the short and long term. 

Now, get SMART about your goal

This worksheet dives deeper into the particularities which shape individual goals, and what gets in the way of our attaining them. It's a great way to begin envisioning what you want, and a reference to keep on track toward getting there.