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A New Kind of Counseling for a Modern World. 

Modern lifestyle and culture necessitate that we distance ourselves from the natural world around us, and the nature within us. The problems which face humans today require a new approach to healing and growth- one which brings us back into relationship with the earth, and our personal natures. 

Who is Outside In for?

I work with adolescents and adults.

My work is geared toward those experiencing:

Difficulty in life-transitions



Self-esteem issues

Relationship troubles

So, let's get Outside.

Yes, we meet out-of-doors! We’ll meet at local parks on Orcas Island. Generally we'll meet for 50 minutes, once a week or twice a month. Every kind of weather provides opportunity for discovery—so come prepared with appropriate layers. We'll work toward the goals that you bring to session, and allow our natural environment to shape this exploration. 

My work is motivated by a simple idea that will take a lifetime of practice:

When we pay attention, to our bodies and to our environment, we are more able to feel the rich spectrum of our lives.

This requires that we build a capacity to be present with the anguish of life, along with joy. Thomas Merton, in The Seven Storey Mountain, says: 

"Indeed, the truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer."

When we build the capacity to feel the negative emotions and sensations that inevitably color our story, we are able to more fully experience the pleasure and beauty of our life in its entirety. 

Somatic Counseling 

Somatic means, simply, "of the body". Below our thinking brain, the body holds both the physical memory of stress and trauma, and the inherent capacities to heal itself.

Stress, either acutely experienced as a traumatizing event, or logged over time as chronic anxiety, is recorded at multiple levels within our nervous system. 

We recall memories with language, and use words to think about and describe our life and history. Yet the body, too, has a story to express. 

Somatically-based therapy is an invitation to build your capacity to notice how that story lives in the here-and-now. Focusing on your present, embodied experience, we'll gently grow your ability to tolerate the uncomfortable, and shape your natural orientation toward what feels good. 

"You don't have to go to your therapist to feel bad. You do that on your own."

These are the words of a trainer I worked with, Steve Hoskinson (Visit to learn more about his work), through the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. My therapeutic approach is influenced by Steve's perspective, which postulates that our "work" is as much about allowing ourselves to feel good, as it is about learning to tolerate pain. The tools for healing lie in compassionate relationship-- with ourselves, with others, and with the earth.

So why Now? Because you can't wait. 

How to Begin

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