Mentoring: Adolescents & Teens



What is Mentoring? 

Outside In Mentoring is a chance for children and teens to develop:


Problem-solving skills

A lasting sense of belonging in nature

Tools for navigating life transitions


Who is it for?

Mentoring is for any family that wants their child to to build confidence and self-knowledge through guided exploration in nature. 

It is ideal for young people who: 

Are undergoing personal changes such as puberty, or a new school.

Struggle with self-confidence

Struggle with body-image

Have anxiety impacting school and home-life.


Dedicating time to exploration in nature encourages creativity, ingenuity-- and very necessary messiness! 

Outdoor exploration is for everybody!

Activities are tailored to meet the physical abilities and unique interests of each person, creating an environment that honors safety and encourages exploration. If your adolescent or teen has physical limitations that make traditional outdoor activities challenging, we will work together to develop activities that are empowering and safe for them.   


What to Expect:

As an outdoor mentor, I act as a guide and a resource for your adolescent or teenager as they navigate the transitions that arise in the passage from childhood to adulthood. Our work is shaped by the inherent gifts within each child, and the inspiration that nature brings each time we meet. My role as mentor-guide is to help each adolescent or teen to see their life within the larger stories of the natural world.

We address the challenges and goals that each young person brings to session through a variety of activities-- many of which are brought about by the spark created in relationship between your child and nature.

Some days that may mean laying on a bed of moss and listening for the sounds of bugs crawling and birds overhead. Some days it will mean building a shelter, creating a piece of artwork from stones, or harvesting nettle for tea. It is my role to weave our activities into a meaningful conversation with your child, and your family, so that our experiences in nature become tools for life. 

Our meetings will typically take place outside, in parks on Orcas Island.

They last for 90 minutes, and occur once per week or twice per month. Frequency and duration of meetings can be adjusted to meet the needs of each family. 

Mentoring differs from counseling in two distinct ways: 

Mentoring is a long term process by design

This relationship mirrors ancient tradition of guiding youth to self-efficacy in the passage between childhood and adulthood. While our work together will center around the goals that a young person brings to session, this is not a "treatment plan", as seen in traditional counseling. You can think of mentoring as building one's own map and learning to read it: I work with young people to uncover their unique strengths, and cultivate the confidence to build and draw upon those gifts.

Session Reports

Within 1-3 days of a meeting, I will write the family a reflection of our session, so that the work done within an outing can be incorporated into your family's life at home. 

How to Begin

Visit my Fees & Scheduling page to send me a message, or give me a call.

There you can also schedule a free, 30 minute phone consultation.